initplan GmbH emerged from INIT GmbH’s planning systems business area and began operation 2008. The same day, the planning experts and sales team members, formerly associated to the PTV AG’s planning product Interplan, were transferred to initplan. Core business of initplan GmbH is to support public transport operators handle their complex task of scheduling, run cutting and the creation of duties.

initplan’s software is called MOBILE-PLAN. Aside from a strict orientation on the planning processes of urban as well as suburban transport, MOBILE-PLAN features outstanding optimization modules. In addition, it provides all downstream systems of the integrated INIT ITS solution with basic and scheduling data.

initplan is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of init SE. Its headquarters are located in Karlsruhe, Germany. A further office is in Brunswick, Germany.

Managing Directors:

  • Dr. Gottfried Greschner
  • Ulrich Schmidt