Successor of the bestseller provides better performance and a larger display

For a long time the combined ticket printer / PC-based on-board computer EVENDpc has been one of the most successful products in the INIT portfolio. Now the multi-functional data terminal has been completely redesigned. The most obvious advancements include enhanced performance and a larger display.


  • All conventional functions of an on-board computer
  • Comfortable driver assistance
  • Navigation system to assist the driver
  • Integrated modules for voice communication and announcements
  • Sale of paper tickets
  • Smart card reader and barcode tickets scanner
  • ITSO, Calypso, VDV core application, EMV etc.
  • Supports standard software


With EVENDpc2, INIT brings the next generation of combined ticket printer and PC-based on-board computer to the market. Like its predecessor, it supports all ITCS and ticketing functionality. The completely revised device comes with much more computing power, allowing complex applications like driver navigation and enhanced positioning through dead reckoning algorithms. The Windows Embedded operating system allows the use of standard software.

With its hybrid card reader it supports any state-of-the-art e-ticketing system, no matter if it is based on standards like VDV core application, ITSO and Calypso or on a proprietary solution. Especially in combination with the state-of-the-art back-office system MOBILEvario, its high computing power makes EVENDpc2 the perfect partner for all kinds of ID-/account-based systems as well as for the integration of Open Payment applications, e.g. based on the EMV standard. EVENDpc2 is perfectly designed to reliably transfer all ticketing transactions which are executed in real time in the back-office system, and to validate ticketing requests in a fallback mode.


The new feature most easy to spot, is the larger 25,6 cm (10.1 inch) display. The larger viewing area and higher resolution allow for an even better display of all relevant driver information. While the display itself is larger, the traffic situation is still well visible as the device dimensions have remained the same – thanks to the extremely slim frame.

EVENDpc2 features an easy to read customer display and also offers a 2-D barcode reader.


The mounting plate now has a micro SD card for the back-up storage of the sales data. In case of an incident, the sales data can be sent to the back office system and be promptly evaluated. Additionally, the device can be replaced immediately, if necessary.

It is a major benefit for existing customers that the current mounting plates of EVENDpc can be also used for EVENDpc2 without further modification. This makes a changeover especially easy. Migration can also be done gradually as the backoffice system supports mixed fleet equipment with both devices.



Armin Fettinger

Key Account Manager