INIT Group continues its growth

New subsidiaries enrich product range

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Since its foundation in 1983, INIT has developed from a university spin-off to the market leader in telematics solutions for public transport. For more than 30 years, we have been assisting transport companies all over the world in making public transport more attractive and more efficient – with our extensive product portfolio for planning, dispatching, telematics and ticketing. This is our competitive advantage.

Expansion as one pillar of company growth

INIT is the only supplier to cover the complete range of tasks which public transport companies face to provide their service. With our uniquely integrated software and hardware solutions, we provide maximum support for their multifaceted work. Because our solutions enable them to control all operating areas within one closed loop.

We take this approach consistently: with the continuous development of our tried-and-tested products, with targeted innovations, and with the strategic expansion of the INIT Group. In 2016, the  Group grew considerably through investment, company foundation and acquisition. Reasons enough to introduce our new Group members to you.

HanseCom: Customer management and mobile ticketing for German-speaking Europe

In October 2016, the INIT Group grew with the addition of another wholly-owned subsidiary. HanseCom is a Hamburg-based company which has been a reliable partner in public transport for over 26 years and supports transport companies with intelligent and future-oriented IT solutions for the implementation of economic, innovative and attractive mobility solutions.

The PT customer management system enables efficient control of all sales processes in transport companies as well as connection to a SAP system. This allows transport companies to keep a close eye on customer data, sales channels and tariffs in real time, at all times. The simple integration of online and mobile tickets as well as the possibility of a virtual online customer centre reduces administrative workload and expenses. INIT’s tariff management system MOBILEvario, for example, supplements the necessary functions for data transfers to and from the sales equipment.

As part of the INIT Group, we are able to strengthen and expand our position in a dynamic market. With HanseCom, transport companies have a reliable partner for providing modern and future-oriented mobility solutions.

Martin Timmann

CEO HanseCom

HandyTicket Deutschland (mobile ticketing Germany) is the leading transregional mobility platform in German public transport. It offers transport companies an additional up-to-date distribution channel and combines timetables and tariffs of the different transport regions in one simple app. For the passenger, this means registering once and buying tickets in all participating regions. HandyTicket Deutschland provides transport companies with access to more than 700,000 potential new customers, sovereignty over customer data, improved customer information through personalised purchases, revenue protection through payment guarantee, additional distribution of complementary offers, such as park and leisure ticketing, and many other benefits.

inola: Optimised planning as a supreme discipline

Industry 4.0 is a new term and describes the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It requires all actors to react more quickly to new situations. All processes along the valueadded chain, from production to delivery, are thus being closely reviewed and have to be continually optimised. This is where software solutions from inola are applied. The company was founded in August 2016 and has been a subsidiary of the INIT Group since then.

“We are bringing innovations to the logistics sector so that customers can find the right answers to new challenges in real time,” says inola Managing Director Ulrich Schmidt, summarising his company’s approach. The software developed by inola provides optimal results for many issues in the field
of logistics.

The core element of all quantitative optimisation processes in the overall planning area is the “Advanced Optimisation Core” (AOC). Due to the ability to react to data changes in real time, it is proving to be an excellent choice for logistics in Industry 4.0. Of course, AOC is a component of the MOBILE-PLAN solution from initplan and is used for integrated duty and block planning for buses and trains. INIT also plans to use the AOC with other products.

Bytemark: Strategic stake in leading mobile ticketing provider in North America

In August 2016, INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc. based in Chesapeake, Virginia/USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of init SE, has acquired a 27.5 per cent stake in Bytemark Inc. Located in New York/USA with offices in the UK, India and Australia, Bytemark is the leading provider of mobile ticketing solutions for public transport companies in North America. The two companies INIT Inc. and Bytemark have already worked together on a wide range of major projects involving transport companies in North America and now want to continue their collaboration on a global basis.

Bytemark has doubled revenues for each of the past three years. It anticipates sustained strong growth due to the increase in use of apps in ticketing among transport companies and in the event and entertainment segments. In this field, the company possesses a proprietary, patent-protected technology and has filed 11 more patent applications at present.

Based on the strategic investment in Bytemark, the Managing Board of init SE envisions good opportunities for its ticketing solutions to achieve faster market penetration among transport companies and in other sectors in North America. It also anticipates that the investment will bring about additional competitive advantages in international tenders.


Andrea Mohr-Braun

Head of Department Corporate Marketing