What do you do at INIT?

Sabrina Schaal

I work in Service Level Management at INIT. It’s a relatively new area within the Support and Operations Department. Working as a sort of intermediary, I provide assistance to all maintenance customers and ensure Support’s compliance with the contractually agreed parameters, known as service levels. My role here is to establish an equilibrium between expectations and what the many parties involved within Support can do. That includes everyone from the customer to the case manager, developer, sales, and the legal team.

The challenge is to find ways to make the customer’s goals and INIT’s targets measurable, and to clearly define how we measure them. This provides us with a basis for defining target agreements with our customers, and also enables us to continually improve the support we provide – because customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Aside from that, I am also heavily involved in tenders, which includes comparing the live performance with the contractual agreements. We are currently in the process of expanding and developing this area, so I’m facing new challenges every day. I spend each day analysing processes and implementing improvements – that’s exactly what I love about my job.

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