Service & Maintenance

A partnership you can rely on

Organizing a public transport company efficiently may include strategic decisions in which areas human resources are needed primarily. A strong partner, taking over tasks that are not part of a public transport provider’s core competences, can provide the space needed – in terms of capacity as well as in expertise. But also in daily operation, a strong support and a partnership you can rely on are vital.

What INIT can support you with

Technical services

  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Service line
  • Hotline
  • Second level support
  • Hosting

Operational services

  • Software as a Service
  • Operation of technical systems
  • Device monitoring
  • Data management
  • Further operational services on request

In their project work, INIT experts systematically foster an open dialogue and a cooperative collaboration. And once the system is implemented? INIT supports you with a long term warranty and a wide range of services that make your everyday life easier. We relieve our customers from troubleshooting, technical tasks, system administration and even from operational duties if requested. 


You never walk alone

INIT offers a customer service that meets your needs to the letter. Our service line is available during office hours and complemented by a 24/7 hotline speaking English, German and French. Experienced experts take care of incidents and are able to fix most issues instantly. In addition, service and maintenance agreements ensure that your system is always up to date.

Focus on your core business

We aim to make life easier for our customers, their employees and passengers. This is why we offer technical and operational services in various levels: from maintenance via technical service to technical operations, from hosting via Software as a Service to data management. They can leave it with us to keep their system up and running. Our customers are then free to focus on their core business. If more support is needed, we are even able to offer services like IT operations, tariff and operational data supply.

Get the most out of your system

Skilled staff is crucial if you aim for working efficiently. And technical solutions can only be deployed to their full capacity if employees know how to make the best use of them. Enhancements in existing systems, changes in staffing and infrequently needed knowledge, which sinks into oblivion fast, make constant training essential. INIT assists you with company specific or general trainings in order to sustain your productivity.

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Close to our customers

Although many challenges public transport providers face are nearly the same all over the world, some conditions differ from country to country. Being present with more than 25 offices all over the world, allows us not only to provide excellent service but also to be in tune with local requirements. As a result, INIT always finds the appropriate solution. No matter if a system is needed for 30 vehicles or for 3,000, for a mega city or for a rural area.

Stay tuned

Aside from individual customer care, there are many chances to stay in touch with INIT and learn about the persistent evolution of our products. Customers can join our annual International User Group Meetings, working groups, seminars, webinars and trainings, stay informed via our customer magazine INITiative or meet us at numerous exhibitions and conferences all over the world. 


Knowledge database

Interested in more details or the latest news in the area of Service & Maintenance? Check out our knowledge database for further information and news.



Our experts will answer your questions and give you additional information.

Dr. Michael Caspari

Head of Department Support & Operations



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