UITP Global Public Transport Summit

10 - 12 June 2019, Stockholm
Stockholmsmåssan, Stand A5046

Designing the future of public transport

We provide you with the toolkit needed to offer your customers the perfect journey. Stop by the INIT booth A5046 and discuss with us:

The Art of

  • Creating Open Mobility Platforms
  • Revolutionizing Ticketing
  • Designing Operational Excellence
  • Managing e-Bus Fleets


Whichever #MobilityArtist you are – INIT assists you to create your mobility masterpiece.

The Art of...

Creating Open Mobility Platforms


Improving the quality of life in our cities is a declared objective of the public transport industry. Smart Mobility Concepts are supposed to contribute to this goal significantly. They strive to reduce individual traffic by making collective modes of transport more flexible in order to better meet the needs of travelers. In particular, they are supposed to solve the first-mile / last-mile problem. At the same time, new mobility providers are emerging everywhere. That is why Smart Mobility Concepts call for combined mobility solutions. Consequently, the key to success will be the creation of regional Open Mobility Platforms – and public transport companies should take the chance to act as their mobility brokers.

Such platforms will enable you to combine traditional fixed-route services with flexible on-demand public transport, as well as shared mobility offers, like MaaS, bike sharing or car sharing. The platform has to integrate all information, booking and payment services for a seamless user experience and allow for intermodal travels supported by real time information throughout the journey. All collective modes of transport should be integrated into the public transport company’s ITCS. It will allow to coordinate services, ensure safe transfers between modes and incorporate autonomous vehicles for greater mobility options.

Following this new combined mobility paradigm will ensure public transport's role as the strong backbone of urban transport.

Managing E-Bus Fleets

The implementation of electric buses will affect most operational processes in public transport companies. Due to the shorter and highly volatile range of electric vehicles, schedules and blocks will have to be created under completely different premises. And monitoring the state of charge will be crucial for a smooth operation. The state of charge will even have to be considered when undertaking dispatching measures. As a result, it is obvious that reliable range predictions, for planning and for real-time fleet management, will be vital to achieve operational excellence.

The successful implementation and operation of electric buses will not only require a rethinking of your processes. It also calls for adaption and complementation of your operational information systems.

INIT customers can benefit from an integrated solution that covers all factors of electric mobility. Hence, eMOBILE provides the support to help master the challenges electric buses present.

Revolutionizing Ticketing

The revolutionary smart ticketing system Hop Fastpass™ went live with the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) in Portland, and at two other transportation companies in the metropolitan region of Portland/Vancouver in 2017.

As ID-based system, Hop Fastpass™ marks a paradigm shift in ticketing as all intelligence and data is now stored in the back-end system. This allows for various benefits for riders and the respective transportation companies.

A broad variety of ticket media can be used from closed-loop smart cards to bank- and credit cards - to any other medium that is capable of storing the unique ID that connects a medium to the user's account.

Bank and credit cards are processed via the bank sectors EMV standard and can also go virtual via Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. The system is even further advanced due to the launch of one of the first virtual public transport smart cards via Google Pay. For this purpose, the virtual closed-loop Hop Fastpass™ is stored securely in the smartphone's Wallet app.

With these Open Payments, passengers can enjoy the benefits of a daily best price fare capping. Which for users of the closed-loop Hop Fastpass™ applies to monthly fares as well. Once the rider reaches the price of a monthly pass, they ride free for the rest of that month.

Core of the smart ticketing system is MOBILEvario, the back-office system from INIT. It is based on an open system architecture with numerous APIs. This makes it possible to integrate third-party systems without any major costs.

Designing Operational Excellence

12% Reduction in delays

TriMet, the public transit agency of Portland, Oregon/USA has taken advantage of the demographic shift by hiring hundreds of retired baby boomers as new drivers. As the new staff wasn't familiar with the layout of Portland streets, the agency experienced a significant loss in reliability of their service. In answer to this dilemma, TriMet turned to INIT to incorporate a turn-by-turn navigation system into the on-board driver terminal. The innovative solution allowed operators to hear audible alerts and receive turn-by-turn instructions to keep them on-route and on-time. The result was an immediate reduction in the number of off-routes by TriMet operators. In addition, TriMet used the data provided by the ITCS to pinpoint traffic delay areas and noticed a street that was causing major interruptions. By implementing a dedicated bus and bike lane and adding additional signage, the agency was able to experience a 12% reduction in delays at that location.


Growing along new requirements

The collaboration between RET Rotterdam and INIT goes back to the year 2009. In 2017, RET won the new bus concession and will start operating services with new buses in December 2019. 55 of the new buses will be electric. All of them will be equipped with EVENDpc2, the latest generation of the PC-based on-board computer and ticket printer which convinced RET with its superior concept. It offers an easy integration with the existing ITCS and provides full ticketing functionality. It will allow RET passengers now to also buy bar code paper tickets and pay with all common debit and credit cards (also contactless). In addition, EVENDpc2 provides the validators for the national OV-chipkaart ticket system with data. The on-board network is based on the VDV301 standard (IBISIP) which provides RET full flexibility in terms of vehicle equipment. RET's decision for INIT's new vehicle equipment illustrates how INIT's modular software and hardware solutions offer complete flexibility and can be extended at any time.

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