Guiding principle

Establishing excellence

At INIT, our name is our guiding principle. As the world leader in ITS technology, we put people at the center of our activities. Our main mission is to fill our customers with enthusiasm by what we do. Therefore, we always strive to honor our commitments. 

We keep this quality promise by following the principles of ISO 9001:2008.

Work philosophy

The knowledge, eagerness and commitment that our employees contribute are the basis for INIT’s success. Together we are an outstanding team enjoying motivating work. Our employees are encouraged to implement their own ideas, take responsibility, experience the joy of success, and develop their professional and personal skills. INIT honors their excellent performance by offering a share in the company’s success. 

At INIT, it is important to us to create an inspiring working atmosphere for our employees. We embrace a corporate culture where employees can develop their abilities and succeed.

Dr. Gottfried Greschner

Founder and CEO of INIT

Corporate culture

Our corporate culture encourages every employee to act responsibly, demonstrate integrity and fairness, and treat each individual with respect. The underlying principles are specified in our ethical guidelines, and provide the basis for our business and social activities. 

Social responsibility

We play an active role in our community and take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. That is why our Chesapeake-based location is a certified zero waste to landfill company contributing to the ethical balance between ecosystems and the economy.

We also actively support local organizations and projects whose goals and values we share. INIT’s activities focus on the areas of social and youth work, education, culture and sports.