What you need to know before implementing electric vehicles

May 14 @ 1 p.m. EDT Webinar

The public transit industry is undergoing many changes; new mobility providers, innovative services, and now a revolution in electric vehicle implementations. With the ongoing mandate for alternative fuel vehicles, the road is clear. E-mobility is charging forward. What’s not clear is how to efficiently put these e-vehicles into service.

 Join us as we discuss how to prepare for the electric revolution. Hear from Lisa Jerram, APTA's Director-Bus, Paratransit & Surface Transit, Bill Weidenaar, RTD Denver's Technical Services Manager and Ryan Mackem, INIT's E-mobility Expert. Hear what’s going on in the industry, learn about the challenges in deploying e-buses and get an in depth understanding of e-mobility tools that help now - before you put your vehicles into service.

3 Benefits of Attending INIT Webinars

1. Learn from Product Experts

Webinars deliver training to you direct from our product experts. If you learn how to better use one feature of a product you interact with daily, then you've expanded your knowledge, increased your expertise, and gained a win-win for your agency and yourself. (Thank you, INIT product expert.)

2. Collaborate with Other Transit Professionals

Webinars facilitate valuable collaboration between INIT customers and partners. Project reports help you understand what challenges and triumphs other agencies face when implementing their ITS solutions. By learning from their experiences, you can better improve your project approach.

3. Enjoy Affordable and Convenient Learning

Webinars are a "no cost" offer with a decent return on investment. As we all know, travel and time attending conferences carries a price tag. Webinars are an effective way to learn because they don't require any monetary costs - only your time. You simply show up (for 20 minutes) and learn.

INIT's 20 Minutes with INIT webinars are held on the third Thursday of each month.