Managing E-fare in a COVID Recovering World

An online focus group for e-fare systems administrators, managers and personnel.

LIVE Focus Group on June 10, 2020 @ 2 pm EDT

INIT is hosting an online focus group dedicated to help broaden your knowledge and provide space for collaboration with INIT experts and other INIT e-fare customers. System engineers and agency champions alike will share ideas for operating e-fare in a post-COVID world.  You will enjoy best practice tips, collaboration with other e-fare colleagues, and expert advice on tools needed to navigate the "new normal" of public transit 

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Did you know?

INIT has many tools to help transit agencies deal with COVID-19 challenges.


  • Maintaining the distance – with smart ticketing
  • Managing overcrowding on vehicles
  • Planning based on occupancy rates
  • Field supervising tools for maintaining space in the operations center

Not able to attend the live session? No worries, we will make the content available after the event takes place. In the meantime, check out more helpful resources by clicking below.