Contactless payments just got easier.

Contactless payments are becoming more and more common in public transit because the advantages are clear: increased safety of drivers and passengers, faster boarding times and reduced expensive cash handling costs. 

External Payment Terminal

INIT has developed an external payment terminal, PROXusb for contactless payments. The compact device enables transit agencies to offer the entire range of contactless payment options – NFC smartcards, EMV compatible credit/debit cards, or NFC compatible smartphones via Apple Pay® or Google Pay™. This includes either pure contactless payment (EMV retail), open-payment applications according to the EMV transit standard or account-based systems.

Variants for Bluetooth data transmission and PIN entry

In addition, a version with an integrated PIN pad enables the purchase of higher priced tickets from the driver. In this way, INIT provides a really simple solution that is designed for robust use within the vehicle.

Another external device will make any cable connection obsolete: Instead, Bluetooth will be used as the data connection and an integrated battery will supply the power.

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  • Enables the quick introduction of contactless payments
  • Delivers a compact solution with easy installation
  • Extremely swift transactions
  • Allows contactless payments with NFC for smartcards, debit/credit cards and smartphones
  • Supports several payment service providers: fiserv/FirstData/TeleCash and VR Payment

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