Operations Control & Real-Time Passenger Information

Learn more about the ways the Intermodal Transport Control System can help you. 

Today’s passengers not only expect convenient public transit services, but also require integrated mobility and information chains. Ambitious public transit providers are driven by the opportunities arising with new technologies. We see them as a way to help you increase your operational efficiency as well as enhance the market share of your public transit system. 

What you can achieve

Increase ridership

  • Provide better customer experiences
  • Deliver reliable passenger information
  • Offer smooth (worry-free) rides
  • Enhance service with multimodal transit offerings
  • Support smart city initiatives


Streamline costs

  • Comprehensive incident management and passenger information
  • Demand responsive service
  • Open architecture and industry standard interfaces
  • Reduced investment costs via multi-client structures 


Your passengers want instant access to all kinds of information regarding their trips. They expect safe and timely travels from point A to point B. When there’s an incident, they want the problem to be solved promptly and to receive immediate information on their travel alternatives. INIT’s innovative operations control and real-time passenger information solution allows you to keep your passengers up to speed every step of their journey. Using today’s multi-media channels, your information can be shared comfortably via social media, passenger displays, websites, apps and third party applications. We help you build a powerful platform for multi-modal mobility management.

Core of the mobility management system

Experienced specialists in the control center distribute reliable passenger information and ensure the quality of your public transit services. They depend on a powerful mobility management system to facilitate their challenging job. The Intermodal Transport Control System, MOBILE-ITCS, supports all state-of-the-art passenger information channels and provides comprehensive fleet and incident management features as well as on-demand transportation management. 

Real-time passenger information

Digitalization has changed the way passengers get their information today. It has also set the bar higher for public transit providers. To stay competitive, reliable passenger information via all state-of-the-art information channels must be part of your passenger amenities. INIT’s real-time information tools support cross-media communication requirements for real-time passenger information in the twenty-first century and beyond.



Powerful hardware devices

From a state-of-the-art on-board computer that forms the central vehicle IT-platform to equipment that is needed wayside: You need a wide range of sophisticated hardware solutions that help to streamline your operational processes and provide maximum support to your drivers and customers.


Technical highlights

  • Over 30+ Computer-Aided Service Restoration (CASR) features
  • Reliable real-time passenger information distributed  via the complete set of communication channels
  • Comprehensive incident management 
  • Cross-company fleet management, connection protection and real-time passenger information
  • Multi-modal mobility management including on-demand transit


        • Open architecture approach 
        • Compliance to various industry standards
        • Intermodal exchange of real-time information
        • Effective data processing
        • Multi-client capability
        • Hosted solution
        • Powerful hardware tools for vehicle or roadside
        • Reliable support of drivers and passengers


        Scope of operations control & real-time passenger information


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