INIT Chesapeake

INIT Innovations in Transportation Inc. was incorporated in January 1999 to serve the North American ITS market. The company is entirely focused on Intelligent Transportation Systems for public transit. Their main business activities are sales, project management, system implementation, customer support and related services.


North American customers


Intermodal Transport Control System customers


Electronic Fare Collection customers

INIT Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of init SE and located in Chesapeake, Virginia with a branch office in Seattle, Washington and a presence in New York, NY. INIT Inc. holds a 75% stake in SQM LLC and a 60% stake in TQA LLC, both based in Chesapeake, Virginia and 14 % stake in Bytemark Inc., based in New York, NY. 


  • Roland Staib, President & CEO
  • Linda Keith, Vice President & CFO
  • Dave Dodson, Vice President & COO, East
  • Eric Linxweiler, Director, West Coast
  • Carl Commons, Executive Director of Sales

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