Jörg Munz

Chief Human Resources Officer


Born: 1980

Nationality: German


MBA with focus on Human Resources Management at the University of Ludwigshafen am Rhein

2007 - 2011, Legal and Human Resources expert, Nero Development & Services GmbH, Karlsbad

2011 - 2012, Head of Human Resources at the Karlsbad site, Nero Development & Services GmbH, Karlsbad

2012 - 2014, Head of Human Resources, IT and Facility Management, Nero AG, Karlsruhe

2014 - 2017, Group Vice President Human Resources, IT, Facility Management, Authorised Signatory, Nero AG, Karlsruhe

2017 - 2023, Group Human Resources Director (HR Director) of init SE, Karlsruhe

From 01.05.2023, Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of init SE, Karlsruhe


  • Human Resource
  • Organizational Development