iris-GmbH is a company developing and manufacturing sensor components for automatic passenger counting. The team at iris designs, develops, produces and installs optoelectronic sensors, which can be integrated with various systems. The sensors are mounted above the vehicle doors and transmit the quantity of boarding and deboarding persons. iris sensors are used in the INIT passenger counting system MOBILE-APC that delivers most accurate counting results. INIT has been a shareholder of iris since 1991. iris has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of INIT GmbH since 2020.

In 2011, maBinso software GmbH was established with headquarters in Hamburg. iris-GmbH holds a 48% stake. Since 2020, iris-GmbH holds a 51% stake of DResearch Fahrzeugelektronik GmbH with headquarters in Berlin. Derovis GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DResearch Fahrzeugelektronik GmbH.

Managing Directors:

  • Rainer Bönick
  • Marc-Oliver Brammann

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