UITP Summit: INIT presents solutions for
Intermodal Mobility Platforms and Electromobility

Flexible mobility offers with the help of Intermodal Mobility Platforms 

Karlsruhe, 9 May 2019

In Stockholm INIT will be present at their booth as well as in lectures about the future of public transport

Public transport is in a process of transformation because both the passengers’ mobility behaviour and their environmental consciousness have changed. Transport companies have to respond accordingly. INIT, leading supplier of integrated planning, dispatching, ITS and ticketing systems, supports these companies in their task of designing mobility. At the UITP “Global Public Transport Summit” (June 10 - 12), the Karlsruhe-based corporation highlights two sectors that will have a lasting impact upon public transport: Intermodal Mobility Platforms and Electromobility. These two major trends will not only be brought into focus at the INIT exhibition stand (booth A 5046), but will also be covered by two INIT lectures held at Expo Sessions. 

INIT’s Intermodal Mobility Platforms support “The Art of Public Transport”

INIT brings the UITP motto “The Art of Public Transport” to life in numerous ways. The art of combining several public and private mobility providers and transport modes into one passenger-friendly service offer is achieved by creating an integrated information, booking and payment platform. For this, INIT’s MOBILEvario, the ticketing management and clearing system, proves to be an ideal foundation. The inclusion of new service providers, e.g. private Transport Networking Companies or Bike- as well as CarSharing organizations, provides passengers with more flexible mobility offers that have been adapted to their personal demands. Public transport providers should take the chance to combine all regional offers in one platform to allow for intermodal travel chains. When they present themselves as mobility brokers for all these services and even operate as coordinators, a highly flexible solution can be utilized to ensure fixed-route public transport will remain the strong backbone of urban mobility. An example for such a platform-based network is the Karlsruhe pilot project regiomove which will provide passengers with a seamless intermodal service chain of different providers as well the help of a booking and payment platform developed by INIT. 

Comprehensive integrated solution for electric buses

Another important factor for transport companies is the introduction of electromobility. As a pioneer and only supplier on the market, INIT offers a comprehensive system solution that integrates all operational processes for the deployment of electric buses. One part of this overall solution is the planning and simulation system eMOBILE-PLAN, which is utilized as a module of the MOBILE-PLAN software or used as a stand-alone solution. It predicts the effects of route planning, range and weather conditions and forecasts efficient planning using those parameters. It can also estimate required personnel and total costs. The Intermodal Transport Control System, MOBILE-ITCS, allows dispatchers to monitor the state of charge of electric vehicles and receive warningswhen the charging conditions has become critical. 

The charging processes can be managed and monitored by the new system, MOBILEcharge. Furthermore, the depot management system, MOBILE-DMS, has been adapted to e-mobility and takes into consideration the charging condition, existing charging capacities as well as planned blocks the moment the vehicles arrive at the depot. Furthermore: The assistance system, MOBILEefficiency, records the consumption of energy and provides the driver with real-time feedback – a useful tool that helps operators to improve their manner of driving in an energy-saving way. 

In order to deploy electric vehicles on longer routes INIT provides MOBILErange, a system for range prediction that helps companies by calculating ranges as reliably as possible with the help of historical operational data. By using this integrated overall system every demand regarding e-mobility is met according to the rules of art. 


Andrea Mohr-Braun

Head of Department Corporate Marketing
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