MAN Group uses INIT software in electric fleet planning

Michael Voll, Head of Transport Solutions Network Analysis, MAN Truck & Bus AG and Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director, initplan GmbH

Karlsruhe, January 15 2019

The electromobility revolution is in full swing at MAN Truck & Bus. The commercial vehicle and transportation solutions provider is consulting its customers on the implementation of electric vehicles, including electric buses, trucks and vans. Drawing on the expertise of INIT subsidiary initplan GmbH, MAN’s customers can now reap the benefits of eMOBILE-PLAN, initplan’s simulation and planning solution. This gives MAN the chance to take a holistic look at all planning-related challenges well in advance of any decisions, minimizing the risk of bad investments.

MAN Transport Solutions, the consulting arm of MAN Truck & Bus, supports its customers in the early stages of adapting their route networks and infrastructure to successfully integrate electric vehicles.

With this in mind, MAN Transport Solutions sought out a software solution that would make generating and analyzing different deployment scenarios for electric buses both simpler and easier. initplan provided just what they needed. eMOBILE-PLAN allows for system-supported and automated block building while taking e-mobility-specific parameters into account, such as charging stations, energy consumption, and battery capacities. The network and timetable data and current blocks can be imported from third-party planning systems via the industry standard VDV 452 interface. Existing blocks can also be analyzed to assess their suitability for electric vehicles.

According to Michael Voll, Head of Network Analysis at MAN Transport Solutions, it was “not just the technical sophistication of the systems” that made the company choose to work with initplan, but also the “highly skilled people involved”.

Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director of initplan explains: “eMOBILE-PLAN will play a major role in ensuring that the rollout of electromobility will be safe, reliable, and efficient for all MAN Group customers.”


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