Shaping the Future of Mobility – Together

Interview with Philipp and Robin

What is your name and what is your role at INIT?

Hi, I'm Philipp Englisch and I work for INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH as a consultant in the Support & Operations team with our personnel planning solution MOBILE-PERDIS.

I am the main contact for users who are just starting out with software-supported personnel planning or who want to offer support to more experienced users if they have any problems.

My name is Robin, I am 28 years old and together with the team, I look after any projects concerning depot management and e-mobility in our personnel dispatching system MOBILE-PERDIS.


"Shaping the future of mobility": What does this mean to you?

At INIT we work together to support companies with our modern, powerful software solutions to improve public transport. Transport companies are constantly faced with demands on their personnel scheduling, and that’s where I can offer support.

For me, "shaping the future of mobility" means making public transport more attractive in the long term, so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their destination safely, comfortably and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Through my contribution, I hope to make public transport a little more efficient and thus improve the service.

Together we are shaping public transport to make it more attractive, sustainable and efficient for the future.


#INITtogether: What does this mean to you?

The successful completion of projects and the resolution of often complex problems requires experience and expertise from many different areas. Since INIT offers solutions in numerous areas of public transport, I can always find a contact person to help, even if I get stuck myself.

To grow together, to laugh together and to master even difficult situations together in a strong team with many different characters.

Through good communication and cooperation, even the most difficult challenges in public transport can be overcome. (Phillip)