Next level solution: Web and cloud-based personnel assignment system

Within our "nextGen" innovation campaign, INIT will launch the next generation of the integrated end-to-end solution, MOBILE, which covers all tasks of transport companies. The personnel assignment system, MOBILE-PERDIS, from INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH will take a decisive step towards the future in the next few years as well. MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen will be browser- and cloud-based, so that it can be accessed at any time, from any place and from different devices. In addition, a new and improved ergonomic user interface will make working with the system even easier and more intuitive.

The development process takes place on a module-by-module basis. Therefore, the finished modules can already be used in the current versions of MOBILE-PERDIS. Users can preview the next-generation personnel assignment system and its new user interface in the new DashBoard module, where various widgets can be individually configured and arranged. It clearly provides the most important information regarding the current staff situation at the company, answering questions like ‚What is the level of sick leave or holidays?‘ ‚How many services are currently unfilled?‘ and ‚What is the up-to-date status of the duty roster?‘

In addition to relevant information and key figures on the current staff situation, system status information regarding error logs, the database, or current process statuses can also be displayed. This makes the DashBoard perfect for quick reviews and assessments to identify any need for action. Time-consuming tasks like reporting to superiors can also be mapped in an uncomplicated way. Since MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen is a browser application, system access is no longer a problem: All users are provided exactly the information they need by a personally configured dashboard and widgets, which they can access with any device even from outside the company network.

The new DispoCenter module will soon be available, offering a new working environment where all daily tasks, for example duty assignment, swap and transfer, or the management of absences, can all be processed in a single window. Dispatchers will be able to display freely selectable time periods and freely zoom in on individual days or weeks, focusing on specific aspects through intelligent filtering. This will allow them to have a comprehensive overview of current operations and the future planning status at any time.

Development follows a transparent roadmap

Overall, MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen is an ergonomic and process-oriented solution that will be even more closely aligned with scheduling workflows – providing a faster, more intuitive user experience. The development of MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen will follow a roadmap and is expected to take place over a period of several years. During this time, MOBILE-PERDIS customers will be kept up to date on the respective development status on the homepage,, and via newsletter. To stay on schedule and have sufficient resources available for support and customer enquiries, INIT MSS has engaged external specialists and experts for the new development. In this way, the existing know-how on personnel scheduling is supplemented with modern cloud architecture and software ergonomics.

Fast and cost-effective implementation

MOBILE-PERDIS and MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen access a common database and can therefore be used in mixed operation during the transition phase. Hence, inconsistencies are avoided and a time-consuming, error-prone re-setting of the database is not necessary. This ensures the changeover to MOBILE-PERDIS nextGen will not only be very simple, but also fast and costeffective.


Adrian Meissner

Key Account Manager
INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH