Cash or cashless – always get the right ticket

Based on more than ten years of experience with mobile ticket terminals, INIT has now extended its product range in the ticketing field by introducing the stationary ticket vending machine VENDstation. INIT now supports all usual sales channels in public transport: on-board, at stops, online and pre-sale.


  • Touch screen operation
  • Clearly structured menu
  • Credit card acceptance
  • Smart card acceptance
  • Cash processing

VENDstation has already passed its field test. The first ticket vending machines have been installed last year for the major project in Luxemburg. According to customer requirements, two different variants are used: A “compact” version supports credit card payment and the standard version accepts credit cards as well as coins and banknotes.

Design and usability

The development of VENDstation focused on a clear menu structure and an optimal user comfort. Even passengers who are not familiar with the local tariff structure can handle it quickly and smoothly. The 15” TFT colour display provides a high resolution touchscreen which makes it easy for passengers to navigate. VENDstation can even be used while wearing gloves thanks to its resistive touchscreen. In addition, braille fonts and the adapted height of all user components (compliant to the TSI PRM standard) make it much easier for people with reduced  mobility or visual impairment to use the ticket vending machine.

INIT has deliberately based the design of VENDstation on the strict conventions regarding ticket vending machines in order to increase the recognition factor at bus stops and platforms for all passengers. Customers can pay their fare by credit card, smart card or by cash. The ticket will either be booked on the smart card or printed on paper. VENDstation also includes a barcode reader that reads from mobile phone displays as well as from paper tickets.

Based on many years of experience

INIT’s extraordinary experience in hardware development – not only in the field of ticketing – has contributed to the construction of VENDstation. Thanks to the modular design of INIT’s products, many approved components were integrated that have already proven their performance and sturdiness. For example, INIT’s IT and communication platform COPILOTpc2 serves as the central processing unit of the ticket vending machine.

The modular design also makes it easier to tailor the device to meet individual customer needs. For instance, data communication with the central system can be handled via a LAN or WLAN interface or via cellular radio. This way, sales data can be imported into MOBILEvario, INIT’s background system for clearing and fare management, for further processing at any time. In addition, it is possible to create cash logs for individual or all connected devices. All transactions are recorded: Cash payments, electronic payments, cancelled transactions, reading and control processes of chip cards and barcodes as well as issuing and returning of chip cards.

Beyond that, the robust enclosure perfectly protects VENDstation from vandalism, while integrated security features provide additional protection from burglary attempts.


Klaus Janke

Executive Director