Fast ethernet communication in complete train set

Public transport companies rely heavily on the flawless and efficient functioning of their communication infrastructure. IPmobile is a compact solution for the realisation of fast Ethernet data connections in trains and replaces the VDV train bus. It uses Powerline Technology (PLC) guaranteeing a high-speed data transfer throughout the train sets.

It does not matter which side the driver’s cab is located on in the case of single-ended vehicles coupled to a train set. An IPmobiledevice is installed at each coupler to guarantee the data transmission in both directions. Due to specific data modulation, theexisting infrastructure of the couplers or joints can be used to achieve data transmission rates of up to 200 Mbit/s. Two unused lines that do not have to fulfil special conditions are used for data transmission, e.g. the lines of the VDV train bus which are no longer needed. In addition, the device can be easily fixed to the couplers thanks to its compact design.


  • High data transmission rate within a train set
  • Additional cabling is not required
  • Robust hardware design
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Replaces VDV train bus

IPmobile is controlled and provided with necessary updates by the on-board computer COPILOTpc2.Transport companies are therefore able to transfer even large amounts of data in real time over a complete train set. With IPmobile, passenger infotainment, WiFi or a comprehensive video surveillancesystem can be implemented. Thus, passengers profit from additional security and service quality.


Armin Fettinger

Key Account Manager