Account-based Ticketing System in Michigan

The Rapid relies on INIT’s state-of-the-art technology

The Rapid recently awarded INIT a contract for the implementation of an electronic fare collection system. The Rapid operates the public transit bus service for the metropolitan area of Grand Rapids, Michigan and beyond. The contract between INIT and The Rapid calls for the execution of an account-based smart card and mobile ticketing solution which will improve The Rapid’s service offerings on its fixed-route lines. Vehicles will be equipped with INIT’s on-board ticket readers/validators to support multiple forms of payment including smart cards. Mobile tickets and EMV credit card payments will be added over time.

We are excited to offer this new technology to our passengers. It will make riding The Rapid more convenient, make boarding quicker, and allow for better fare analytics.

Peter Varga

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
of The Rapid

To manage the back-end processing and clearing of revenues, The Rapid will utilise INIT’s MOBILEvario software solution. This all-inclusive clearing-house system will provide The Rapid with a powerful online fare validation server and management tool that will deliver the seamless administration of customer relations, setting of fare rules, revenue processing and statistical evaluation reporting. As part of the project, integration with The Rapid’s existing third party vendors including current providers of their sales outlet terminals, platform validators, fareboxes, and mobile data terminals will be performed by INIT.

The Rapid is the public transportation system serving the greater Grand Rapids metro area. Twice named the Outstanding Public Transportation System in North America for its size, The Rapid provided nearly 12 million rides last year. 


Matthias Tanne

Head of Department Sales and Marketing