INIT team went rowing

In July, INIT organized a rowing course for its employees – one more highlight in the list of INIT sports offers. Within few days, the course was fully booked and the waiting list long. During the six course sessions, the twelve participants got to know the basics of rowing – first onshore at the rowing machines and then on the water.

The three experienced rowing trainers took their seats in the first row of the boats to instruct the beginners in the sophisticated sequence of movements. After a few sessions of hard training and technical fine-tuning, some participants joked that finally it’s getting physically demanding – and indeed it did! Aside from the exhausting sequence of movements, the INIT team also internalized the typical commands like “oars ready”, “back it down” and “brace the boat”, which echoed through the Karlsruhe harbor. Some participants even dared to try the shaky boat for one person only or the rowing technique based on a strap. Both participants and trainers had a great time together, so that the organizers are already thinking about when to start the next INIT rowing course.