Future IT students on field trip to INIT

What are developers working on today? In which projects are they involved? And how is their daily work? In August, 32 young scholars took a field trip to INIT to find answers to these questions. The trip was part of the “IT taster week” organized by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). During the field trip, the participants experienced the working day of former IT students: what they are busy with, which challenges they face and how they work together as a team.

After welcoming the participants and giving them a short overview of INIT, a tour through the INIT headquarters started. Their first destination was the team of the analysis and statistics tool MOBILEstatistics. The developers explained different software engineering approaches and which technologies are used. Afterwards the young scholars were introduced to IT project work: from the customer’s request to creating proposals and the delivery as well as support and software maintenance. In the second part of the day, the participants got to know the operations control system MOBILE-ITCS. In smaller groups, they could sit next to the experts and gained an inside view of the highly complex system.

On the rooftop, the taster day at INIT came to an end and the participants enjoyed the great view while recalling their today’s experiences and the multitude of information. Maybe some of the scholars are now more certain about their decision to study IT – and who knows, perhaps we will meet one of them as a developer at INIT in a couple of years.

The “IT taster week” organized by KIT was set up for young scholars of 10th grade and beyond. For one week, the participants got the opportunity to experience student life at KIT. Aside from the field trip to INIT, also test lectures, programming projects, campus tours and much more was on the agenda.