All duty details managed in one app

Driver personnel always needs to be in the loop. Course cards and daily printouts are inconvenient and quickly lose their relevance. AppComm offers a logical improvement of these media and publishes them, customised for each driver, as a native app for mobile phones (Android and iOS).


  • Native app for iOS and Android
  • Push messages
  • Rosters
  • Working time accounts
  • Employee information
  • Document posting / notice board
  • Messages
  • Swap requests
  • Vacation requests / planning

    User-friendly and always up to date

    AppComm provides an overview of rosters, balances, vacation request forms, private, and public documents. All of these can even be maintained consistently. This is why nearly all information is available, both online and offline, at any time. Through a password-protected login, which can be saved in the app, the driver easily gets access to his or her data. Which information should be available, can be defined individually in the system.

    Push messages actively inform the drivers about currently modified roster or vacation situations. Also, details regarding swap requests and duties to be auctioned as well as stored messages are likewise signalled via push function. This enables rapid interaction between driver and dispatcher.

    AppComm provides the same content and functionalities which are provided by the well-known modules WebComm and WebCommMobile. Just like them, its usage is easy and intuitive.


    Hendrik Schwarz

    Manging Director

    INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH