New fleet management system for Göttingen

Real-time information and ensured connections for passengers, more efficient public transport

Thanks to the new INIT system, the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (GöVB) will be able to provide passengers with real-time passenger information at bus stops and aboard the 94 GöVB buses in Göttingen. The same real-time data will also be available at the operation control centre, enabling an immediate response to changing situations. The bottom line is that passengers will benefit from greater convenience and more reliable connections, while the transport provider will be able to operate more efficiently. This is all made possible thanks to the new Intermodal Transport Control System MOBILE-ITCS.

Being able to access and analyse data in realtime and establish connections with other modes of transport is becoming increasingly important for public transport operators. It is also the order of the day for GöVB in its role as an important partner within the South Lower Saxony Transport System (VSN). To reap the full benefits of real-time data for both passengers and public transport operators a high-performance Intermodal Transport Control System is required. These systems process and provide all data in real-time, making information accessible wherever it is needed: for the operation control centre, on-board computers in vehicles, bus stop displays, and passengers’ smartphones.

Network-wide passenger information

The INIT system uses the standardised interface of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), to support region-wide real-time passenger information and connection protection within the Bremen Lower Saxony Transport System (VBN). The project also encompasses modernisation of the communications infrastructure. In future, data and voice communication will use digital mobile radio (DMR). The introduction of DMR in Göttingen marks the first time DMR is being used by a German public transport operator.

The GöVB employees involved in the selection process were particularly impressed by the structure and user interface of the software, and that the functionalities already were deliverable at the time of the product presentation. We are confident that our new partner will master the challenges, like the integration of DMR.

Hannes Fritz

brenner BERNARD ingenieure GmbH

Flexible ticketing solution

All 94 GöVB vehicles are equipped with an EVENDpc2 combined on-board computer and ticket printer, which ensures a constant exchange of data between the bus and the operation centre. At a later stage in the project, the EVENDpc2 will be used to read and process electronic and mobile tickets. The EVENDpc2 also provides real-time data for the interior passenger information displays. In opting for the INIT ITCS, GöVB was impressed by more than its performance and features. GöVB has already been using the INIT automatic passenger counting systems since 2011, as well as the personnel assignment system from initperdis.

“We interpret this continued collaboration with GöVB as an endorsement. It shows that satisfied customers are also eager to use other INIT solutions. As we offer interfaces to other public transport operators, our solutions are currently in great demand, particularly with today’s rapidly increasing interconnectedness”, says INIT COO Achim Becker on conclusion of the contract.


Jens Reinwald

Key Account Manager