Users enthusiastic by new optimisation tool

The MOBILE-PLAN planning system has always enabled INIT customers to create schedules, blocks, and duties with exceptional speed and flexibility while considering their priorities. MOBILE-PLAN was the first planning tool to be developed, specially addressing the particular planning requirements in both urban and rural areas. In 2016, INIT took the next step with its newly founded subsidiary, inola: MOBILEopti2, the new INIT module for integrated optimisation of duties and blocks, which once again revolutionised the building of blocks and duties. It was an immediate success.

High demand for the new optimisation tool

“The key part of our innovation is the revolutionary Advanced Optimisation Core (AOC). It enables transport companies to optimise the results of their planning in the shortest time possible,” says Ulrich Schmidt, managing director of initplan GmbH. “Our customers are delighted. We are very pleased that clients are currently signing up for our new optimisation tool at a rate of at least one per month.”

Different goals can be prioritised

In contrast to sequential planning, MOBILEopti2 performs block and duty planning in a single optimisation step. Once the timetable has been created, the optimisation tool simultaneously determines the best blocks and rosters. These can of course be manually adjusted afterwards. MOBILEopti2 can be configured in such a way that statutory, collective and company-specific conditions are taken into account. The very high calculation speed means that several optimisation runs based on different settings can easily be calculated at the same time. This makes it easy to determine the impact of various weightings on different key performance indicators (KPI) and social aspects. This subsequently allows the user to draw on solid information to strike a balance between maximum cost-efficiency and the potential social impact of duties.

The rapid and precise optimisation results also offer a competitive advantage when participating in concession tenders for particular lines. “Transport companies have repeatedly lost their line concessions in the tendering process in recent years. I have set myself the goal of securing our customers’ long-term competitiveness through our outstanding optimisation capabilities,” says Ulrich Schmidt, managing director of initplan GmbH, explaining the reasons for the company’s active commitment to optimisation.


  • Block and duty planning in one single step
  • Calculation of integrated optimisation results
  • Possibility of manual editing
  • Suitable for urban and regional planning
  • Consideration of legal, contractual, and organisational factors
  • Consideration of other conditions, such as trip/route combinations, special services and many more
  • Efficient, economic and socially responsible planning