Shaping the Future of Mobility – Together

Interview with Emanuel

Who are you, and what do you do at INIT?

My name is Emanuel, I’m 44, and I’m a software engineer in the back office ticketing team. I am the first point of contact for trainees in our department, and I play a key role in developing the training that we offer.

"Shaping the Future of Mobility" - What does that mean to you?

Mobility is the engine of every society. Making mobility target-oriented, efficient, affordable and accessible to everyone is our end goal, which I believe all our employees strive for.

" Working together" - that's what I mean by the future of mobility. At INIT, we are all doing our bit to make the future of mobility a reality today.

#INITtogether - What does that mean for you?

There are so many great ideas, you just have to think of them. And that works best in a diverse team like the one we have here at INIT. INIT means having someone by your side who you can rely on.

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