Major order from the other side of the world

Nine New Zealand regional authorities opt for ticketing system from init

Karlsruhe/Otago, 15 May 2017.

Smart ticketing, the customer-oriented integration of traditional and digital payment solutions, is now a key technology for public transport around the world. Transport authorities are increasingly recognising the advantages that an efficient ticketing system like this can offer them. init innovation in traffic systems SE (ISIN DE 0005759807) based in Karlsruhe, Germany, is the leading provider with its solutions in this area in Germany and in the United States – and soon will be on the other side of the world as well, in New Zealand. init was able to secure a contract for the installation, technical operation and maintenance of such a system for nine regional councils.

The service networks of the nine regions cover almost the whole of New Zealand and extend over more than 1,500 kilometres north to south. It passes through very different climatic zones, from semi-desert on the North Island to cool Fiordland on the South Island. However, it is not just the geographical spread and climatic conditions that make this major order somewhat special for init, but also the technical requirements. The nine regions have set themselves a goal of constructing and launching New Zealand's most modern ticketing system by June 2018.

To achieve this, 444 buses and 23 depots as well as 54 stationary and many mobile sales points need to be equipped with new hardware and software. This will enable passengers to buy paper tickets using cash on the bus or using the convenience of online top-ups for their smartcards. init will assume responsibility not only for the entire data management but also for financial processing, right up to the allocation of sales proceeds among the individual transport operators and authorities. In New Zealand as elsewhere, init has become known as a fullservice provider, increasingly offering additional services for transport operators.

That includes not just round-the-clock software support but also the hosting of the central systems, technical operation and the maintenance of the systems, as well as hardware repair if the need arises. For this purpose, init will set up its own service desk in New Zealand and train service partners on the islands. The company benefits from having had a presence in New Zealand since 2009, when a ticketing system was first installed in Christchurch-Canterbury.

“This system will be a milestone for the entire Asia-Pacific region. The project will enable us to demonstrate not only the benefits of smart ticketing solutions but also that it is worthwhile for transport providers to outsource the hosting and technical operation of the systems,” explains init Chief Sales Officer Dr Jürgen Greschner.


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