INIT at RNTP 2017

Karlsruhe/Marseille, September 2017.

From October 10th to 12th 2017, INIT will be showcasing their latest state-of-the-art solutions at RNTP taking place in Marseille. During the three days of the exhibition, visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to talk to experts, get to know more about INIT´s integrated solutions and view the latest developments, our ID-based ticketing solution and new driver´s app.


Smart integrated, interoperable and multimodal ID-based ticketing

To give passengers freedom to choose how they pay for their journeys is an emerging world-wide trend. Public transportation organizations are investing in new ID-based ticketing solutions in order to achieve this and even more. INIT has deployed more than 130 fare management systems worldwide over the last 25 years and has now added a new milestone with the addition of revolutionary ID-based ticketing solutions.

In traditional card-based ticketing systems, the fare logic and data is hard coded on the travel card (closed loop). As more flexible alternative, ID-based systems hold the customer data, funds and business logic in a backend system, such as INIT’s MOBILEvario. The ticket medium itself only contains a unique identification number (ID) and is merely used as read-only identifier, authenticating the passenger and linking him to his back-office account. Based on this type of scheme, not only are the media traditionally issued by the transport company accepted, but also any personalized e-ticketing media that the passenger already possesses, for example EMV based contactless credit or bank cards and mobile wallets like Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay may now be used (open-loop).

The integration of Application Program Interface (API) in the INIT solution creates an open architecture for the integration of external third party systems can be cost-effectively integrated. Allowing the flexibility to add additional mobility services for example mobile ticketing, e-mobility, bike sharing and car sharing schemes.


State-of-the-art e-fare system in Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan area, USA

In partnership with TriMet, C-TRAN and Portland Streetcar, INIT has delivered last August the final element of the newly launched Hop Fastpass™ e-fare system. This definitely revolutionary fare collection system includes an open payment fare structure by using the EMV standard and account-based smart cards, a multi-client capable backend system with open architecture APIs and cost-effective transport options for travelers thanks to the daily and monthly fare capping. By adding the open payment e-fare component to their existing operations control and real-time passenger information system, the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area benefits from a fully integrated Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).


AppComm: all duty details managed in one app

Driver personnel always need to be in the loop. Course cards and daily printouts are inconvenient and quickly lose their relevance. AppComm, our new mobile application for personnel assignment, offers a logical improvement of these media and publishes them, customised for each driver, as a native app for mobile phones (Android and iOS).

AppComm provides an overview of rosters, balances, vacation request forms, private, and public documents. All of these can even be maintained consistently. This is why nearly all the information is available both online and offline at any time. Through a password-protected login, which can be saved in the app, the driver gets easily access to his or her data. Which information should be available can be defined individually in the system.

Push messages actively inform the drivers about currently modified roster or vacation situations. Also, details regarding swap requests and duties to be auctioned as well as stored messages are likewise signaled via push function. This enables rapid interaction between driver and dispatcher.

AppComm provides the same content and functionalities which are provided by the well-known MOBILE-PERDIS modules WebComm and WebComm Mobile. Just like them, its usage is easy and intuitive.


Learn more about our integrated solutions by visiting us at booth 21b!



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