INIT at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit

Karlsruhe/Montreal, April 2017.

As worldwide leading supplier of integrated planning, dispatching, ITS and ticketing systems, INIT will be showcasing their latest state-of-the-art solutions at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Montreal from May 15 to 18, 2017. The visitors to this year’s exhibition will have the chance to learn more about the benefits INIT provides at the INIT booth 2G114 in hall 2. In the Palais des congrès de Montréal, INIT will demonstrate the latest trends in the area of connected mobility and ID-/account-based ticketing.

INIT will showcase two of their smart solutions for smart cities projects which have propelled public transport to the next level.

INIT is the proud supplier of the ITS system of the UITP Summit’s co-host, Société de Transport de Montréal (STM). To meet the expectations of today’s passengers, the provider of public transport services for Montréal initiated a project called iBUS. It aims to keep passengers updated with the latest information at all times. Further important goals of STM were to improve punctuality and regularity of the bus service, as well as provide greater safety aboard buses. With this major iBUS project, STM pushed forward the aim of the City of Montreal to become a Smart City.

The second showcase highlights the innovative e-fare system INIT implemented in the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area. The Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) has run an Intermodal Transport Control System (MOBILE-ITCS) from INIT for many years. In 2014, they implemented a pioneering account-based ticketing system from INIT, and are now the first North American INIT customer to benefit from a fully integrated ITCS and ticketing system. The system, called “Hop Fastpass”, takes ticketing in Portland to the next level. It is based on the central intelligence of an ID-based system and features a rigorous fare capping approach. Aside closed loop smart cards, the systems allows for open payment options as well. Passengers might also use their credit, debit or bank card to check in when boarding the bus if the card is based on the EMV standard. Application programming interfaces (API) serve more than a dozen integration projects like retail apps, institutional websites and many more. INIT’s back-office system MOBILEvario is the backbone of the whole system. It processes all transactions in real time and provides comprehensive fare management and clearing functionality. As it is multi-client capable, it was easily possible to include Portland Streetcar and the Clark County Public Transit Benefit Area Authority (C-TRAN) located in the neighboring city of Vancouver, Washington into the system for a regional structure.


MOBILEforms – the work-flow and incident Management

Many operational events such as accidents have to be documented in detail. A number of people have to be informed and the data collected has to be available at various workplaces. All of these tasks are supported by the INIT forms management MOBILEforms. The system operates stand-alone, but can be integrated seamlessly into the Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS). That results in a significantly reduced workload for the dispatchers, as information available in the ITCS is transferred automatically into the forms.

At the UITP, INIT will demonstrate the newly invented type of forms – event forms – which will reduce the dispatchers’ workload even further. Event forms allow to define scenarios for planned or spontaneously occurring events. The definition includes actions and dispatching measures the transport provider wants its dispatchers to take in a certain case. For instance, as a big event in the city may result in more passengers than usual and blocked roads, the suggested course of actions might include detours, additional bus services and passenger advising messages. If the event occurs, the defined actions will be suggested to the dispatcher via a form. In accordance with the settings, the scenarios can as well be carried out automatically. This new kind of form provides the means to reflect the standard operating procedures in the ITCS.


Hansecom – latest member of the INIT Group for the first time at the INIT booth

For the first time HanseCom Public Transport Ticketing Solutions GmbH, the latest member of the INIT Group, will showcase their IT solutions at the INIT booth. That includes the SAP-based customer management system PT which allows public transport providers to efficiently manage their sales processes. PT presents all information on customer data, sales channels and tariffs in one system in real time. In addition, HanseCom will showcase HandyTicket Deutschland. The mobile ticketing application builds a supra-regional mobility platform of German public transport providers and allows them to effortlessly offer a modern sales channel. The passenger app includes schedules and tariffs of all integrated companies. That means, the passenger has to register only once and will subsequently be able to purchase tickets in all connected regions.


Visit our booth 2G114 in hall 2 and find out more about our recently realized projects around the world. Don’t miss the contributions of INIT staff at the conference and in the Focus Sessions.

Monday, 15 May, 11 am – Focus Session 2
Johan van Ieperen “Does the TRANSITion have a common denominator?”

Monday, 15 May, 11 am – Congress, Workshop Session 5
Carl Commons “Benefits of Account-Based (id-based) Electronic Fare Collection for Riders & Agencies”

Tuesday, 16 May, 11 am – Focus Session 8
Panel discussion “Karlsruhe: Cluster for Transport Innovation” with Dr. Jürgen Greschner

Wednesday, 17 May, 11 am – Congress, Workshop Session 17
“How to protect your systems – cybersecurity for public transport”, chaired by Paul Gwynn


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