Ready for e-mobility: INIT at InnoTrans 2018

Karlsruhe, 10 August, 2018.

‘Ready for e-mobility’ – that is the theme at INIT’s showcase at InnoTrans 2018, the international trade show for transport technology taking place from 18 to 21 September in Berlin. The world’s leading provider of planning, scheduling, telematics and ticketing systems will present numerous innovations in e-mobility, which support all operational processes within public transport companies.

In ticketing, INIT is presenting not just its multifunctional back-office ticketing system – MOBILEvario – but also new technologies for vehicles, bus stops, and platforms. Passengers today should be able to pay any way they wish – whether by credit or bank card, smart card, Samsung Pay, Google Pay™, or Apple Pay. INIT makes ticketing easier.

Another innovation will improve passenger flow on platforms and help reduce boarding times.

It would be fair to expect that an IT solutions provider that integrates all operational processes into a single closed-loop system would have a comprehensive solution to master the significant challenges of e-mobility. And of course, INIT has risen to the challenge. Many of the numerous requirements relating to e-buses, such as planning, ITCS, and depot management, have already been integrated into its existing systems. New software applications are also in development, such as MOBILEcharge, the smart charging management application that allows simultaneous, carefully controlled, and automated charging by connecting charging points, energy supply and operational information systems. MOBILErange also predicts the remaining energy requirements at any time in the block, and the remaining battery range using data provided by MOBILEefficiency: This application, which is also a recent innovation, records actual energy consumption alongside numerous other influencing factors, such as vehicle type, topology, and weather conditions. Finally, MOBILEvhm monitors the entire vehicle during operation. This is particularly useful in helping to prevent unplanned outages of e-buses as there currently is a lack of existing data on how they operate in real-world conditions.

Hardware and software ticketing solutions

Bremen, Nuremberg, Turku, Portland, Sacramento, Birmingham, and more... All these regional public transport systems have taken a decisive step forward with the rollout of MOBILEvario, the multi-client-capable back office ticketing system. Metrolink, the regional rail authority in Southern California and one of the largest regional transport networks in the United States, will soon be added to the list. The contract was signed in July this year, covering the back-office system MOBILEvario, 155 new VENDstation ticket vending machines, and fitting all ticket counters with the necessary hardware. People attending InnoTrans can visit the INIT stand to take a closer look at MOBILEvario and its numerous modules and functionalities. MOBILEvario also supports ID/account-based ticketing. In these cases, the customer account is linked to a unique ID that specific to the ticket medium, e.g. a smart card or smartphone. All other information is stored solely in the back-office system, where it is processed and updated in real time. MOBILEvario lets transport companies offer their customers the freedom to use their preferred payment method and ticket medium while also integrating additional sales channels via open programming interfaces, known as APIs. These interfaces make it very easy to integrate third-party systems, providing customers with even more options. The rollout of MOBILEvario in Portland has been very successful. As of last summer, passengers using TriMet, C-TRAN, and Portland Streetcar have been able to use the new Hop Fastpass™ – the first virtual, regional ID-based smart card based on Google Pay™ – to purchase tickets.

But MOBILEvario is not the only impressive product on show at InnoTrans this year. VENDmobile, the new in-vehicle ticket machine with a contactless card reader and capacitive touch screen will also be on display.

Better crowd management with INIT’s MOBILE-APC

Populations in large metropolitan areas continue to grow, which is accompanied by increasingly overloaded transport networks, especially during peak times. The large crowds that assemble at connection points and unbalanced occupancy rates across carriages make efficient crowd management a must.

INIT’s automatic passenger-counting technology, MOBILE-APC, displays information on the vehicle’s current occupancy rate in real time on carriage or platform screen doors. MOBILE-APC stands out from the crowd with its impressive precision: it also considers the estimated car load (ECL) by calculating the probability of passengers boarding and disembarking at the next stop as a percentage based on historical data. This means the passengers are told not just how full the train is when it arrives, but also what the occupancy levels are likely to be once passengers have departed from the train. Accurate real-time information on current free capacity improves not just the quality of service enjoyed by passengers, but also operational efficiency, by reducing boarding times.

E-mobility, smart ticketing, a new passenger counting system, and a wide range of other new hardware and software solutions – INIT has many innovations for attendees to discover at InnoTrans 2018. Once again, the company demonstrates that it has state-of-the-art solutions ready to meet both current and future challenges.

Visit INIT at InnoTrans 2018. Find us in Hall 2.1, Stand 308.



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