INIT at Persontrafik 2018

Karlsruhe, 17 October 2018

From October 22 to 24, 2018, INIT will be showcasing their latest state-of-the-art solutions at Persontrafik, taking place in Stockholm, Sweden.

During the three days of the exhibition, visitors can talk to experts to learn about INIT’s integrated solutions. In particular, INIT’s tablet-based ticket printer and on-board computer, EVENDgo, as well as numerous other innovations in ticketing and passenger counting. INIT will also present its solutions in e-mobility, which support all operational processes within public transport companies.

INIT’s ticketing system expanded to cEMV standard

Pay however you want: That is the goal the city of Turku set for the public transport companies serving the metropolitan area of Turku. INIT’s ticketing system in Turku is now going to be expanded to allow contactless card-based payments. The cEMV standard (contactless Europay MasterCard and VISA standard) will now be integrated into the existing system. Thus, the current system expansion will remove a major barrier to purchasing tickets, which is expected to be of particular interest to non-residents and non-frequent travelers.

Because today´s passengers should be able to pay any way they wish – whether by credit or bank card, smart card, Samsung Pay, Google Pay™, or Apple Pay.

The ability to make contactless payments simply by tapping a compatible bank or credit card to the ticket terminal when boarding (and later: smartphones with cEMV-standard payment apps) could also support long-term ridership growth in Turku. 

Improving travel experience with MOBILE-APC

INIT’s automatic passenger-counting technology, MOBILE-APC, displays information on the vehicle’s current occupancy rate in real time on carriage or platform screen doors. MOBILE-APC stands out from the crowd with its impressive precision: it considers the estimated car load (ECL) by calculating the probability of passengers boarding and disembarking at the next stop as a percentage based on historical data. This means the passengers are told not just how full the train is when it arrives, but also what the occupancy levels are likely to be once passengers have departed from the train. Accurate real-time information on current free capacity improves not only the quality of service enjoyed by passengers, but also operational efficiency, by reducing boarding times.

Centralized, web-based TSP and RTPI solutions by Mattersoft

After becoming part of the INIT group several months ago, the Finnish software company, Mattersoft Ltd., complements INIT’s broad product range with its web-based, centralized software solutions including Traffic Signal Priority Processing (TSP) and Real Time Passenger Information Systems (RTPI). Web-based and centralized, Mattersoft’s solutions allow access to all functionalities through a web-browser and on one interface. Additionally, due to their modular structure, it is easy to implement only the features that are needed.

Comprehensive solution for e-buses

In recent months, INIT has incorporated the specific requirements of e-mobility into core information systems and developed additional applications concerning charge management, range prediction and more. The fact that INIT’s hardware and software portfolio covers all operational processes of a public transport company has proven to be an advantage in the context of e-mobility. While many providers’ solutions only cover individual aspects, INIT offers a complete end-to-end solution. This overall solution can allow public transport companies to roll out e-mobility in a way that is safe, controlled, and predictable – and overall ensures an efficient and successful operation of their e-bus fleet.

With its state-of-the-art solutions, INIT demonstrates once again, that it is ready to meet both current and future challenges.

For more information, visit or speak to an INIT technology expert at the Persontrafik 2018 exhibition from 22 to 24 October, Hall C, Booth C02:41, at Stockholmsmässan.


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