eMOBILE-PLAN enables smooth introduction of e-mobility

Far-sighted planning in Völklingen

With eMOBILE-PLAN, VVB can be confident of managing the transition to electromobility smoothly. (Photo: © Völklinger Verkehrsbetriebe)

Karlsruhe/Völklingen, 12 May 2021

Good planning is crucial for success – this is also true for electromobility which is why even before delivery of their e-buses, German transport company Verkehrsbetriebe Völklingen (VVB) did a lot of preparation to ensure that the changeover to e-buses ran as smoothly as possible. VVB uses eMOBILE-PLAN from INIT Mobility Software Solutions (formerly initplan) to optimize runs for electric buses and ensure reliable, stable and economical planning.

For years, VVB has relied on the support of INIT Mobility Software Solutions for all their planning tasks. The planning tool MOBILE-PLAN and the optimization tool MOBILEopti2, which manages the integrated optimization of blocks and duties in one simple step, are already helping VVB’s planning staff to not only save time, but also to generate efficient runs and duties.

As all the necessary parameters for e-mobility are already included in eMOBILE-PLAN, e-buses can now also be optimally scheduled. Among these new parameters are vehicle range, energy consumption, charging technology and charging infrastructure.

Tomorrow’s questions answered today

Optimized runs and duties have already been generated for this autumn, when the first two e-buses will join the fleet, but VVB have planned even further ahead: Deployment scenarios for additional e-buses, which will be purchased within the next few years, have already been put together with eMOBILE-PLAN.

"The planning software already gives us answers to questions we will need to consider in the future planning. This is really important because we will add two e-buses to our fleet this year and intend to deploy a total of six more from summer 2023," explains Thorsten Gundacker, Managing Director of VVB.

eMOBILE-PLAN ensures that the new e-buses are used as much as possible, because every emission-free kilometer protects the environment and the climate while ensuring that the efficiency of diesel buses does not fall below a predefined level.

Different runs for different conditions

Once their e-buses are in operation, VVB‘s new software offers even more features: With eMOBILE-PLAN, it is possible to take the outside temperatures into account that affect energy consumption. This means that special schedules can be created for particularly hot or cold periods, when a lot of energy has to be used to either cool or heat the vehicle.

This kind of future-oriented planning really makes Völklingen’s e-mobility project stand out. As the number of e-buses in their fleet gradually increases, VVB can be confident of managing the transition to electromobility smoothly. With eMOBILE-PLAN, they are already well on the way to achieving this.


Ulrich Schmidt

Managing Director
INIT Mobility Software Solutions GmbH