National Express West Midlands (NXWM)

The INIT system gives us the technology to realise the benefits of modern ticketing by fully integrating with our other on-bus equipment. One of the most important benefits for National Express has been how well INIT worked with our drivers to make the system as intuitive as possible. We’ve had great feedback from all our garages about how the INIT kit saves drivers time and tasks, so they can concentrate on their driving.

Martin Hancock

Development Director, National Express West Midlands

One of the UK’s largest bus operators, National Express West Midlands chose INIT to implement an innovative ticketing solution. With over 1,600 buses and nearly a million journeys each day, NXWM is also one of the largest employers in the West Midlands, employing over 5,000 people. Passengers pay their fare by tapping their regional smartcard, bank card or smartphone on INIT ticket validators inside NXWM buses and enjoy faster boarding and journey times as a result. 

In addition, since July 2021, passengers can enjoy all the benefits of INIT’s fare capping for consecutive and non-consecutive travel days, giving them the flexibility to travel only when they need to. They can choose between daily, 3 day or 7 day capping, which ensures that they only pay for the journeys they make; a particularly welcome feature to employees wishing to adopt a hybrid work pattern.

The complete back-office system is hosted by INIT in the UK hosting centre.

Scope of the project





Project at a glance

  • Smart fare collection and ticketing system
  • Managed back office service
  • Contactless payment option (EMV) on every bus
  • ITSO card-based transactions
  • Driver consoles, on-board computers, ticket printers


Jens Mullak

Managing Director

INIT Innovations in Transportation Ltd

United Kingdom