Midttrafik, Nordjyllands Trafikselsekab OB,
Sydtrafik and BAT

In 2014, four regions in Denmark have decided to issue a joint call for tenders regarding the implementation of a new planning and clearing system. INIT prevailed against international competitors and also against the former national system supplier. Therefore, initplan and initperdis were awarded the contract for the implementation of the largest planning system in the INIT’s history in terms of the covered geographical area, the number of vehicles as well as the order volume. The integrated system includes strategic and operational planning as well as contract management with the transport operators.

Scope of the project






public transport authorities

Project at a glance

  • Planning schedules and blocks, including various optimization features, among others trip shifting
  • Integration with third party systems like for example the national trip planning tool Rejseplanen and ticketing system Rejsekort
  • Service calculation and clearing of contractors


Johannes Käppeler

Team Manager Sales
initplan GmbH

Hendrik Schwarz

Branch Manager

initperdis GmbH