Verkéiersverbond and Luxtram

In 2012, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and the Verkéiersverbond Luxembourg agreed on a mobility project for the whole national territory – and chose INIT as the right partner for the venture. INIT provided a multi-client ticketing back-office system to optimally connect the various public transport systems. In 2016, the decision was made to also integrate Luxtram into the system. Luxtram is responsible for the construction and operation of the tram network. The tram operator also commissioned INIT to equip their stops with stationary ticket vending machines.

Scope of the project






public transport companies

Project at a glance

  • Multi-client Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS)
  • Combined on-board computer and ticket printer
  • On-board and stationary ticket validators
  • Stationary ticket vending machines
  • Electronic Fare Management (EFM) based on VDV core application, support of transnational ticketing
  • Introduction of new smart card
  • Implementation of new sales channels (web shop, smartphone)
  • Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) at bus stops
  • Hosting of the entire system
  • Soft- and hardware maintenance
  • Monitoring of the condition of all system components
  • Monitoring of the ticket vending machines, including handling and clearing of hard cash


Klaus Janke

Executive Director