regiomove booking and payment platform

New mobility concepts and the integration of intermodal transport services into one single platform are modern ways to reduce car traffic. Karlsruhe is already well on its way with its lighthouse project regiomove, connecting  several mobility services in the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion.

In December 2017, several project partners launched regiomove under the umbrella of the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion (see photo). The project aims to propel mobility in the whole region of Mittlerer Oberrhein (Middle Upper Rhine Valley in Germany) by integrating as many mobility services as possible into a single planning and booking platform.

The innovative mobility concept regiomove is a lighthouse project that is visible far beyond our region. Public transit concepts made in this region are being in demand all around the world. With regiomove, we connect mobility providers in our region and improve the infrastructure. Resulting impulses and marketable products should attract worldwide attention.

Dr. Frank Mentrup

Lord Mayor of the City of Karlsruhe

The regiomove mobility platform combines several modes of mobility, ranging from bike or car rentals to bus and tram, allowing end users to plan their intermodal journey with the regiomove app. They only have to register once, can see all intermodal travel options, book them with a few clicks and only have to pay one invoice at the end of the month. The corresponding booking and payment platform has been developed by INIT. This platform not only has interfaces to all mobility service providers, but also ensures that users receive the appropriate ticket or access code at the right time during their journey.

In order to facilitate the switch from one transport mode to another, several mobility hubs, so-called ports, are being built  in the Karlsruhe region. Here, passengers can conveniently combine journeys by tram, bus, rental car or bicycle. In addition, service components are going to be installed, such as an information terminal, e-charging stations or bicycle service stations. The integration of other forms of mobility such as taxis and e-scooters is already in the planning stage.

Regiomove is not only a public transport but a mobility project. The app provides routes using public transport and combined mobility such as rental bicycles compared to the journey with a private car (and its CO² emissions). It aims to encourage users to switch to other modes of transport.

Scope of the project


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Project at a glance

  • Passengers can plan, book and pay for their intermodal journey on one platform
  • Sustainable mobility in the whole region is boosted
  • Win-win solution for all mobility providers


Andrea Mohr-Braun

Marketing Director