An all-in-one solution
for Rotterdam's new buses

Modular concept allows for
easy system renewal and extension

RET N.V. (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram) is the dynamic public transport company of the Rotterdam region. Almost 190 million passengers board and disembark from RET buses, trams and metro trains each year. RET operates a public transport network in and around Rotterdam that covers 58 bus routes, 9 tram lines and 5 metro lines served by around 550 vehicles. The Municipality of Rotterdam and the Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH) are the only shareholders. Via the Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH) there is a link towards the neighboring public transport network of HTM, the public transport operator of Den Haag, which also uses an Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) from INIT. 

The collaboration between RET and INIT goes back to the year 2009. It started with the deployment of MOBILE-ITCS and COPILOTpc, the IT- and communication platform for buses and trams. In 2017 RET won the new bus concession with the ambitious goal to operate zero emission (ZE) public transport in the Rotterdam area by 2030 latest. In December 2019 RET will start operating services with 55 electric buses and new charging infrastructure in the depots and several charging points in the service network (opportunity charging). At the same time, 40 diesel and 103 diesel-electrical buses will be taken into service.

Ticketing added to ITCS

For all these new buses, RET has selected INIT as the supplier of the integrated on-board computer and ticket printer along with MOBILEvario, INITs fare management and clearing system. EVENDpc2 (seen on the photo) is the latest generation of the PC-based on-board computer and ticket printer and convinced RET with its superior concept. It offers the advantage of easy integration, not only into the existing INIT ITCS but the whole system environment, while providing both full ITCS and ticketing functionality.  

A dedicated payment solution integrated with the EVENDpc2 will create the option that passengers can now also buy bar code paper tickets and pay with all common debit and credit cards (also contactless). The EVENDpc2 provides the validators for the OV-chipkaart Ticket System with relevant info via the on-board Ethernet network. The on-board network is based on the VDV301 standard (IBIS-IP) which facilitates integration between the on-board computer and the other components in the bus (e.g validators, vehicle gateway, passenger information display, cctv system) and provides RET full flexibility in terms of vehicle equipment.

Extensions are possible at any time

RET’s decision for INIT’s new vehicle equipment illustrates how INIT’s modular software and hardware solutions offer complete flexibility and can be extended at any time based on the public transport companies’ requirements. Further system extensions are already planned: RET is expected to follow INIT’s ITCS on its way towards electro mobility, enabling Rotterdam’s dispatchers to meet the operational challenges of electric buses such as limited and temperature dependent range and charging times. Thus RET has a modern system in place that prepares Rotterdam's public transport for a sustainable future.


Joost Dijkstra

Project and Account Manager