Integrated electromobility solution eMOBILE

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Live report: Electromobility
Johannes Käppeler, Team Manager Sales initplan, and Stephan Brunner, Account Manager initplan, discussed the operational requirements that occur when introducing e-buses. This live report was recorded during the virtual IT-TRANS 2020.

As a pioneer of an integrated electromobility solution for the public transport sector, INIT offers an IT suite that encompasses all operational processes for use in electric buses. The planning and simulation system eMOBILE-PLAN determines the effects of various parameters on resources and overall costs, covering e-bus specific requirements of block building.

The MOBILE-ITCS Intermodal Transport Control System constantly monitors the state of charge of electric vehicles, alerts the dispatcher when a critical state of charge is reached and checks the remaining range before carrying out dispatching measures. This is all based on a reliable range forecast (MOBILErange), which is becoming more and more precise thanks to machine learning.

The charging processes themselves can be controlled and monitored in the MOBILEcharge intelligent charge management system. A close connection with the MOBILE-DMS depot management system ensures that the current state of charge, available charging capacities and planned exits are taken into account.

And that's not all: The MOBILEefficiency assistance system records energy consumption and provides drivers with real-time feedback – allowing them to adapt their driving style immediately. This integrated system covers all the operational requirements of e-mobility.


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Ulrich Schmidt

Managing Director
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