INIT: 40 years of innovation in public transport

A number of success stories in the field of sustainable mobility find their beginnings in 1983: The Green Party enters the German parliament for the first time and the German Federal Government passes an act to equip all new vehicles with catalytic converters. In Karlsruhe INIT is founded that will make its name contributing digital solutions for sustainable mobility.

The past 40 years have been characterized by growth, consistent internationalization, going public and the claim to always find the right answers to the challenges of modern mobility. As a full-service provider for public transport, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies, currently including cloud solutions, automation, broker architecture and artificial intelligence.

So, the year 2023 is a very special one for us. From January to December, we will look back at the beginnings, share interesting and fun facts from 40 years, present news and, of course, celebrate. Come with us on a little time travel.



40 years of INIT, 40 years of changing mobility. In our anniversary film we look back on four successful decades of company history and also look to the future. With our software and hardware solutions, we continue to set the course for the future of public transport mobility. Automation, optimization, assistance systems, interoperability, artificial intelligence and cloud-computing are the cornerstones on which we are building and on which we will continue to write our success story.

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On 14 July 2023 we celebrated the 40th anniversary of INIT together with all our employees in the Gartenhalle in Karlsruhe. It was an evening full of memories, music, acrobatics, lots of conversations and sports competitions.

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40 years INIT

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