INIT launches daily contactless tickets across Nottingham buses and trams

The “Tap and Go” ticketing options have been rolled out across Nottingham thanks to INIT. © Page One Media/NCT

Karlsruhe / Nottingham, 21 April 2022

Public transport users in Nottingham now benefit from speedy, flexible ticketing options, as they can pay a single daily capped fare across the majority of the city’s buses and trams using their chosen contactless payment method - thanks to the “Tap and Go” solution using INIT’s contactless ticketing technology. The ‘Tap and Go’ ticketing options have been rolled out by Nottingham City Transport (NCT), Nottingham Express Trams (NET) and on the Linkbus network operated by CT4N – three of the city’s major public transport operators. “Nottingham Contactless” is the first multi-operator ticketing system in the United Kingdom outside London.

The latest development is the final stage of the Nottingham Contactless scheme which was conceived in partnership with Nottingham City Council and the three transport operators utilising funding from the UK’s Department for Transport. The phased introduction of INIT’s contactless technology across the city’s fleet of buses and trams started with INIT’s introduction of contactless payments on NCT buses in 2020. The ticket equipment was then installed on CT4N’s Link buses and on NET tram platforms. The final stage of the rollout involves one daily capped charge introduced across the three operators on both modes of transport.

To take advantage, passengers simply need to tap their contactless payment card, smart phone or smart watch on the validator PROXmobile before every journey and still only pay one, capped daily fare for the day’s journeys. INIT’s fare management and clearing system MOBILEvario then aggregates their journeys throughout the day and charges a multi-operator day ticket, guaranteeing they pay the best price for their travel.

Anthony Carver-Smith, NCT’s Head of Marketing said, “With over 2.5 million contactless transactions on NCT buses to date, contactless is proving a popular and convenient way to pay for bus travel in Nottingham. The extension of adult contactless capping across NCT, NET trams and Link buses is an excellent addition to the Nottingham Contactless scheme, providing even greater convenience and flexibility for customers.”

Andrew Conroy of Tramlink Nottingham added that, “Nottingham already has a fantastic public transport system and adding a ticketing solution that allows customers to move from one form of transport to another without any penalty is a great addition.”

Contactless ticket validators can now be found across the NET tram network. © Page One Media/NCT

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