MOBILEcharge: Intelligent charge management solution in use worldwide

Efficient charging processes at rnv and GoRaleigh

With numerous orders from across Europe and North America, and inquiries from around the world, the INIT Group’s electromobility solutions are in high demand. Two public transport companies seven thousand kilometres apart – but united in their aim towards low-emission mobility – have partnered with INIT: Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv) from Mannheim, Germany and GoRaleigh from Raleigh and surrounding communities in Wake County, North Carolina. GoRaleigh is INIT’s first e-mobility project in the USA.

By utilising MOBILEcharge, the intelligent charge management solution from INIT’s subsidiary CarMedialab, GoRaleigh and rnv will automate charging processes, charge efficiently and cost-effectively, and proactively maintain their new e-buses. However, each company brought its own unique challenges and objectives to the table.

Monitoring charging activities at GoRaleigh

At GoRaleigh, integration with its Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) and planning systems will allow for real-time charging plan updates according to operational needs, ensuring vehicles are charged in an economical and efficient manner.

GoRaleigh will use the system to monitor and coordinate charging activities efficiently, to therefore ensure electricity limits are not exceeded and the charging infrastructure will be used as efficiently as possible. They will also be able to categorise the blocks a vehicle may need to perform (e.g., distinguishing between states of charge suitable for a full-day versus rush-hour assignment), so those plans can be easily implemented again in the future. Even more, GoRaleigh will benefit from  reduced electricity costs and improved operational efficiency.

Cost-Saving: GoRaleigh’s electric buses will be cost-effectively charged and efficiently operated thanks to INIT’s charge management system.
(c) GoRaleigh

Our partnership with INIT will allow us to intelligently manage the charging process for our e-buses, and realise cost savings through efficient load management and prioritisation according to operational needs.

David Eatman

Assistant Director, City of Raleigh Department of Transportation

Interoperability is an important factor for rnv

Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv), the leading public transport provider in Germany’s Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region, is in the early stages of launching its fleet of e-buses and electric cars. They will not only rely on the charging efficiency, but primarily on the system’s flexibility and interoperability. The charge management system will be seamlessly connected to rnv’s recently implemented depot management system for bus dispatching and duty planning. With MOBILEcharge, rnv will be empowered to efficiently and cost-effectively charge its fleet across four depots with over 100 charge points.

An important factor for rnv is the smooth interaction of solutions from different providers and this is ensured by the use of new VDV (Association of German transport companies) standard interfaces: The new VDV 463, developed in cooperation with CarMedialab, guarantees the connection between rnv’s depot, charge management, and operations control systems.
In addition, the VDV 261 interface supports the preconditioning of its e-buses.

Thanks to standard interfaces: rnv laid the foundations for being able to charge a large number of electric buses in the future, even in a heterogeneous system environment.
(c) rnv GmbH

Keeping track of the processes

The charge management system coordinates all charging activities and calculates charging plans using information provided by the depot management system. In addition, MOBILEcharge supports rnv in the monitoring of the entire charging  infrastructure. The software keeps track of the charging processes and the functional capability of the charging points. The connection between the charge and depot management systems allows rnv to charge slower with less amperage which will therefore extend the battery’s life. This is because information about dwell times is available, which means the entire period can be used to charge the vehicle. As a result, MOBILEcharge even reduces overall energy demands.

INIT’s intelligent charge management system will be an important prerequisite for the use of battery-driven vehicles in both the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region and Raleigh. GoRaleigh and rnv are not the first transport companies to partner with INIT for their charge management systems. In recent years, transport providers in Leipzig (Germany), Bergen (Norway), and Deventer (the Netherlands), among others, have already implemented MOBILEcharge.


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