Customised solutions for all tasks

Three new projects in Germany benefit from state-of-the-art INIT technology to optimise their operational processes

From the modernisation of a back-office system, to the implementation of a client-based fare management system, to the establishment of an integrated solution for all operational tasks. Follow-up orders from existing long-term customers as well as acquisition of new customers. All implies that INIT successfully fulfils the customers’ requirements and, with an innovative approach, integrated solutions and new products is making headway in Germany.

Hildesheim, Reutlingen and Lüdenscheid decided for INIT

INIT is excited not only about their new customer Reutlingen, but also about the continuing successful cooperation with long-time customers Lüdenscheid and Hildesheim. In 2014, all three transportation companies decided in favour of INIT’s innovative and customised solutions.

The transportation companies Stadtverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (SVHI) and Regionalverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (RVHI) rely on INIT’s electronic fare management system and vending devices. With a contract for an integrated operations control-, passenger information- and ticketing system for the Reutlinger Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft (RSV), INIT has also succeeded in gaining a new customer located nearby Karlsruhe.

In addition, INIT’s existing customer, Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) in Lüdenscheid, has decided for a modernised fare management system.


Multi-client capable sales system

With the introduction of a transport association in the region of Hildesheim which services both city and county, a new sales system was necessary. Stadtverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (SVHI) already uses INIT’s clearing and ticket management system MOBILEartist and cash desk system with on-board computer functions EVENDintegral. Now they are planning to upgrade to the next generation system MOBILEvario, and will expand it to Regionalverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (RVHI) to ensure easy evaluation of sales data and proper distribution of revenues. For this reason, the system will be utilised as a fully multi-client solution. For the first time, the next generation of the ticket printer EVENDpc will be used on-board and as a pre-sale vending device in Hildesheim.

About SVHI and RVHI

Stadtverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (SVHI) operates in the municipal area of Hildesheim. Currently SVHI is running about 58 buses on 21 routes and services about 150 stops. Annually approx. 12 mil passengers are using the SVHI network. Regionalverkehr Hildesheim GmbH (RVHI) mainly operates in the rural district of Hildesheim. Currently approx. 40 self-owned buses are operating on 39 routes. Annually approx. 7.2 mil passengers are using the RVHI network.


Jens Reinwald

Key Account Manager


State-of-the-art communication and versatile passenger information

With the upcoming system renewal, Reutlinger Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft (RSV) decided to implement an integrated Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) and Electronic Fare Management system (EMF) in order to take advantage of numerous synergy effects. This is why INIT supplies an integrated planning-, control-, passenger information- and ticketing system. This integrated system controls all operational processes from schedule-, block- and duty planning as well as driver dispatch to operations control and passenger information to fare management through INIT components. In addition, subsequent systems receive information through various interfaces and dynamic passenger information displays are controlled.

Voice-over-cellular becomes widely accepted

Communication with the vehicles is done via cellular network as well as via WLAN at the depot and the main bus terminal. In Reutlingen, INIT uses the innovative technology “Voiceover-Cellular” (VoC) for voice communication which is already successfully in use in other INIT projects like Ingolstadt, Oldenburg or Luxembourg.

The combined, modern ticket printer EVENDpc will be used on-board and as pre-sale vending device. It supports electronic ticketing with barcode and chip card readers. Functioning as an on-board computer, it also controls peripheral devices like radio transmitters for traffic signal priority or, for a part of the fleet, the passenger counting system.


In addition, some vehicles will be equipped with INIT’s multi-media display PIDvisio. In Reutlingen the TFT displays will be complemented by the infotainment system MULTIMEDIAdatacenter for the management of data such as news and infomercials, thus offering numerous possibilities for passenger information and local advertisement.

About RSV

Reutlinger Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Hogenmüller & Kull Co. KG (RSV) operates mainly in the municipal area of Reutlingen with motor coaches. Currently about 100 buses are operating on 21 routes servicing approx. 150 stops. The service area covers an area of 170 km2 with 150,000 residents. More than 50,000 people are using one or more RSV lines on a workday. As a member of the transport association Neckar-Alb-Donau (naldo), the RSV buses travel approx. 4.5 mil kilometers annually.


Armin Fettinger

Key Account Manager


VDV-KA compliant back-office system

Due to the planned introduction of the Westfalen tariff, and the implementation of e-ticketing as per VDV core application in the whole area for the transport association until 2017, the sales systems of the Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG) in Lüdenscheid have to meet new requirements. Because of this, MVG will implement INIT’s central back-office system MOBILEvario to meet the new requirements.

MVG will migrate smoothly from MOBILEartist to the new system MOBILEvario. MOBILEvario can operate different generations of sales devices unrestricted in parallel and transparent for the user. With the transfer of old data to the new system consistent evaluations and sales statistics are guaranteed.

Online portal and interfaces complete the system

A web-based customer portal will be established to allow MVG’s passengers to set up a customer account, to log the used tickets or to check transactions. From now on, passengers can order passes or make changes to existing passes.

During the realisation of this project, INIT will implement and service several import and export interfaces. More than 20 interfaces will automatically import data for the future-oriented back office system and export sales data to different target systems. A special highlight is the supplier-independent interface for import and export of ticket printer data. This interface allows MVG employees select various suppliers and reduce their daily workload.

About MVG

Märkische Verkehrsgesellschaft GmbH (MVG), based in Lüdenscheid, is the municipal service provider for public  transportation in the Märkische Kreis (district in central North Rhine-Westphalia). The service area, with about 450,000 residents, comprises 15 cities and townships of the Märkische Kreis, parts of the cities of Hagen and Schwerte, outskirts of the Ennepe-Ruhr district, the Oberbergische district as well as the districts of Olpe, Soest and Unna. MVG operates 138 bus lines and approx. 140 routes in the special transportation of disabled students. Approx. 146,000 passengers are transported on a workday.


Klaus Janke

Executive Director