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Live report: Contactless payments
Martin Nylund, lead system architect at INIT, shared insights on how to implement contactless ticketing. This live report was recorded during the virtual IT-TRANS 2020.

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things – including the way that customers choose to pay. Contactless has become the preferred payment method in the retail sector since the lockdown period began. Public transport passengers now also demand this payment option – and operators have been keen to respond. With this additional step towards digitizing ticketing, transport operators can not only increase the safety of their drivers and passengers, but also reduce expensive cash handling costs and speed up boarding times.

Various concepts are possible and can also be implemented in stages: from the simple avoidance of cash payments and e-ticketing in accordance with standards like VDV-KA, ITSO and Calypso, to smart ticketing. Many options are available for introducing cashless payments quickly and easily. In addition to the short-term objective, customers should also consider which option best suits their existing infrastructure and their long-term goals.

EVENDpc3, the latest generation of combined ticket printer and on-board computer supports all the above-mentioned options, including contactless payments. Various older devices can be upgraded for this purpose. The tried and tested PROXmobile3 passenger terminal is also a suitable solution for customers who are taking the current changes as an opportunity to consider card-based or account-based e-ticketing systems to quickly enable contactless payments.


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