3 tips for funding the electrification of your fleet in 2024

1. Pay attention to the type of costs

Some software packages have one-time project costs. These costs are usually very easy to include in your application because they are not recurring and are initially paid in advance. In addition, many software products are priced based on annual subscription fees. Make sure that bundled funding is available for multiple years and that these costs can also be paid in advance.

2. Choose your software carefully

To manage your e-bus fleet, you need an intelligent charge and energy management system. This software will allow you to manage the charging of your vehicles within the specified grid capacity of your location. The charge management system should serve as a central part of the electric bus software system, as it can integrate with other key systems such the depot management. To include the software in the application, include a line item for it in the request for proposal.

3. List your software provider as the partner

You can also list your choice of software provider as a partner in your application to meet federal procurement requirements. This will reduce the burden of the procurement process once funds are received. MOBILEcharge is the leading charge management software with more than 15 years of success. It is compatible with the most common chargers and is an important addition to any low-no application, leading to the long-term success of your e-bus fleet.


  • Intelligent charge processes
  • Optimized range
  • Remote access
  • Central charge management
  • Battery savings, no outages
  • Independent and secure data
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