Recap of CUTRIC's low-carbon smart mobility conference

On June 17th-19th, INIT participated in CUTRIC’s 2nd Annual Low-Carbon Smart Mobility Conference, an event intended to educate and mobilize industry champions toward our common goal of zero-emission transit. 

The conference focused on all aspects of low-carbon smart mobility and its importance in the global fight against climate change, as well as driving innovation in the transit sector. Stakeholders from across the industry took part in panel discussions about the future opportunities presented by electrified transit combined with Big-Data.

INIT’s Ryan Mackem participated in a panel discussion on ZEB (Zero-Emission Bus) Tracking and Performance Evaluation. Ryan was given the opportunity to explain that the reliable tracking of ZEBs using real-time data and big data analysis will be critical to achieving the lower operational costs that make up the backbone of the business case behind electric fleet conversion. 

Key Takeaways

  • Public funding available for future zero-emissions bus (ZEB) deployments must include the ZEB system assets.
  • Funding for future ZEB Roll Out Planning will need to integrate predictive simulation modeling.
  • There is a need to develop robust utility relationships at the earliest stages of ZEB planning to ensure sustainable electrification initiatives.


The event served as a reminder that, even during a global pandemic, governments are still actively investing in low-emission fleets through funding and collaboration.

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