Transportation should be interoperable

We all have the desire to travel in a way that is convenient and efficient, no matter where we are or what mode of transportation we choose. But for transit agencies, how do you make this possible?


What is Interoperable Transportation?

Interoperable transportation refers to the ability of different modes of transportation to work together flawlessly. This can mean anything from being able to use your phone to plan, book and pay for all rides, to having real-time information about the best route to take based on your current location.  Making transportation interoperable is key to unlocking seamless travel experiences.

In the case of a route planner, providing passengers with the greenest, driest (due to weather) or fastest journey allows them to choose the trip that best fits their needs. By being able to easily switch between different modes of transport, and having all the information you need available in one place, you can save them time and stress when getting around.

The benefits of having an interoperable transportation system include reduced traffic congestion and subsequently lower emissions. For example, if you can easily use public transport to get most of the way to your destination, you’re less likely to drive there – meaning less traffic and carbon emissions.

Solutions for Making Transportation More Interoperable

Today, riders are customizing their travel experiences by selecting their preferred modes of transportation based on convenience. INIT’s multi-client back-office software, MOBILEvario makes it possible to integrate various modes of transportation without any major costs.

MOBILEvario allows the configuration of a route planner that will consolidate all the available transportation services as well as ticket payments into a single application. This state-of-the-art solution supports classic paper tickets, smart cards, barcodes, mobile tickets,  ID/account-based fare media, as well as modern open payment media such as credit and debit cards.

Three transit agencies (TriMet, C-TRAN, and Portland Streetcar) have brought riders more interoperability through their electronic fare collection system, Hop Fastpass. This regional e-fare system spans multiple agencies allowing transit riders to pay for trips on TriMet and C-TRAN buses, Portland Streetcar, MAX Light Rail, WES Commuter Rail, or the C-TRAN Vine BRT system, all of which operate within the Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area. MOBILEvario serves as the core intelligence for the account-based Hop Fastpass system managing and processing the multi-client fare structures in real-time, recognizing and processing revenue sharing, managing accounts, and automating reconciliations.

This system benefits the transit providers by reducing boarding times at stops, increasing efficiency and on-time performance, and simplifying fare collection. It benefits residents and visitors alike by providing an easy and worry-free way to enjoy getting around the bi-state region.

Now electric bikes and scooters along with ride-share services have also become more popular in recent years as they offer a faster and more convenient way to get around than walking. Thanks to these new innovative technologies, these vehicles are now becoming more interoperable with each other and with public transit systems. In Karlsruhe, Germany, several project partners launched the regiomove app – a mobility platform that connects bike and car rentals to buses and trams, allowing passenger to plan their intermodal journey. In addition, more infrastructure to support this mobility concept are being installed such as information terminals, e-charging stations, and bicycle service stations.

Interoperability is making it easier than ever before for people to get around using a variety of different modes of transportation. And as more and more cities invest in this type of infrastructure, we can expect even greater efficiency and convenience in the future.


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