ASSISTIVEtravel: App for visual, hearing and mobility impaired riders

Case Study: LTA and INIT Asia-Pacific

INIT Asia-Pacific recently partnered with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SG Enable to make mobility in Singapore more inclusive and accessible. The heart of the project is a smartphone app developed by INIT that uses the ASSISTIVEtravel feature to provides a personalized and accompanied journey for visually, hearing- and mobility impaired riders.Passengers can plan their journey individually and are accompanied through the journey by the app.

The app contains real-time information and triggers supporting technologies such as onboard and exterior bus announcements, and a notification to the bus driver. The communication link to the Intermodal Transport Control System(ITCS) is based on an open standard and can be used by any public transport provider regardless of their operations system.The mobility assistance app was recently awarded for Special Recognition at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit under the Diversity & Inclusion category.