APC Quality with Managed Services

Accurate passenger counting starts with maintaining your automated passenger counting technology. Your funding depends on it.

The INIT Automated Passenger Counters (APCs) can provide an accuracy rate of 95% or higher if they are installed and maintained properly.  Agencies rely on this data for accurate federal reporting and to receive funding.  During this COVID-19 era, accurate APC data is also important to ensure your passengers can maintain a safe physical distance on your vehicles.

Although the system may work perfectly when first installed, APC sensors can fail or be sabotaged over time. Door sensors can also stop working.  A recent survey of our customers’ APC data showed that many agencies are operating with less than 95% accuracy due to these issues. 

To help customers improve their APC accuracy, INIT is offering 3 different levels of managed services:

Level 1 - Automatic Email Generation of Issues

Many statistics programs provide APC Quality Reports. The challenge with these reports is that someone needs to analyze them on a regular basis, figure out which sensors are not working properly and create a maintenance list to fix them.

With this Level 1 service, INIT can filter through this data and automatically generate an email to your field service personnel when maintenance is needed. The email includes all the pertinent data, including the Bus Number, Door number and Defect Type. 

Level 2 - Automatic Work Orders sent to your EAM

Agencies using an existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system, can have INIT-generated work orders for each APC issue identified and sent to your existing EAM. Our Object Maintenance Information System (OMIS) supports the following interfaces: SAP, Maximus and Maximo.

Level 3 - Automatic Work Orders and a Cloud-based Maintenance System

For agencies requiring greater flexibility, level 3 service can automate work orders as well as implement a cloud-based, online maintenance system. The OMIS system includes a central system so you can manage your work orders. It allows you to equip your Field Service personnel to view, update and close work orders right in the field via a Windows / Android tablet or smartphone. The app also provides a system maintenance checklist to guide them through the repair process. INIT can even train and support Field Service personnel on how to use the tool as a part of this service.


During these COVID-19 times, it is critical that agencies have accurate APC data to comply with physical distancing requirements and provide accurate occupancy status to your passengers. Your agency has invested a significant amount of money for the hardware and tools to get accurate passenger counts.  INIT can help you maintain that investment so that your APC accuracy levels stay at or about 95%.