Meet the INIT "A" Team for Customer Innovation

At INIT, people are at the center of all we do. So, in 2019, we restructured our account management team and reinforced our customer care team to offer 24-hour support. The goal:  to deliver a more dedicated and focused approach to customer care. We would like to introduce you to some of the folks who make that happen. We refer to them as the INIT “A” team.

Julie Allison,
Director of Account Management

I’ve been with INIT for more than 13 years, but I’ve been in the transit industry for 20. I live in Canada where I spend our long winters downhill skiing, curling, and snowmobiling on the lake with my Belgian Malinois. (her pace is about 37 mph!)

How does account management positively impact our customers?

As Account Managers, we develop a good understanding of all the ITS products that our customers have - both INIT and third-party applications - and how they interact with each other.  One of our customer accounts is so large and has so many different users from different departments, that they do not have a single person that knows all of this.  So, when they have a new business requirement, we are often in a unique position to guide them on how to best meet the requirement that capitalizes on the systems they already have in place.  We often bring new products and feature to their attention and show them how these products can help them become more efficient or improve their service.  We can even provide advice on how other customers have achieved such efficiencies.  And, if our customers ask us for a product or service that we may not provide, we will put them in touch with other vendors that can help them.  We are here to help our customers, whether it means a sale for INIT or not.  We strive to help our customers provide the most effective and efficient means of transporting people.

Erica Brown,
Sr. Account Manager

I’ve been with INIT for almost 4 years. I started out working on proposals and I’ve been fortunate to follow some of these proposals into projects. It’s great to watch the success of our customers’ projects from start to finish. I’m also one of the many people who got backyard chickens during the quarantine. It has been such a fun family project and we now enjoy all the eggs!

Why do you think Account Managment is so important to our customers' success?

Our customers know their voices are being heard. As an account manager, I can work collaboratively with customers on a solution to a problem. We receive product training and regularly communicate with sales team members in other roles which keeps us up to date on what is new and exciting.

Allison Swanson,
Account Manager

I am located in the Seattle office where I have been working with our West Coast customers for about 3 years. I enjoy mountaineering and climbing. Recently, I spent six days backpacking and scrambling in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

How have you positively impacted a customer through account management?

I’ve had several customers tell me that I’m not like other salespeople they have met because I’m making decisions with them and with their best interest in mind. This is one of the highest compliments I have received as it shows that my customers can count on me to listen to their needs and make trustworthy recommendations.

Account Management requires wearing many hats and knowing how to communicate effectively, both with the customer and with colleagues. You are the bridge between customer and vendor; you are the connection. It takes a long time to build a bridge and as with our customers, it takes a long time to build rapport with people. If Account Managers continue to work with our customers, INIT’s our bridges will get stronger and our connections will flourish.

You are the bridge between customer and vendor; you are the connection.

Allison Swanson

Katie Kirby,
Account Manager

I live in a rural part of Ontario on a small hobby farm with goats and chickens. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking with two large dogs and downhill mountain biking. 

What do you enjoy most about working with our customers?

Getting to work with such a large variety of people in different roles throughout the organization both at the customer’s agencies and here at INIT is the most enjoyable part of my job. As account managers, we also learn a great deal about all the products and features that INIT offers, and we get to innovate with our customers.

Our customers drive our business. Their needs are constantly evolving, requiring us to remain innovative and at the forefront of ITS technology. Ensuring that their systems are up to date with our latest versions and newest products increases the accuracy and availability of their data and management systems. This allows agencies to more effectively monitor and manage their networks, and provide communities across North America with more reliable mobility, better access to employment and services, leading to stronger economic health.

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